Watching current movies has slowly changed in terms of the experience theaters offer over the last few years. There are so many more options available to moviegoers in terms of theater availability & offerings. However, even with the growing cottage industry of the movie experience, there are number of people still asking, “What’s the best way to choose a movie for my entire family?” After all, no matter how great the movie experience is, if it can’t fit your family’s needs, it’s of no use.

The family dynamic does change things a bit as you have to be more aware of young ears & eyes, as well as be vigilant about your environment & whether it works for kiddos. Rather than go movies , though, think of finding the right movie for family night as a fun adventure that involves the whole family.

For starters, use the family computer together & hop onto the Internet, put in a search for movies out right now and your zip code, and bam - you’ll have instant results. Before going online, have a little meeting with the kids (if they’re old enough) about movie etiquette & what it means to go out to watch a movie.

Since you’re online, be sure to check out available online family movie guides. While asking a friend for a movie recommendation can be nice for the occasional night out with the Mrs. or with buddies, a better bet would be checking online family movie guides. There are a number of websites that are comprised of detailed movie reviews & critiques tailored toward the family. This way, you’ll have a “heads up” on the type of language & situations you’ll encounter, which makes a choice a little easier.

Of course, don’t be completely afraid to ask your friends for a little input. Chances are that you have a film buff friend that can’t wait to tell you about the latest release. Why not use him/her as a resource for choosing the right movie that will cater to your cinematic leanings? Moreover, if he or she has kids, they may truly be a tremendous resource as they’ve been through the process themselves and will know what to recommend to you.

Be willing to try something different to make your family outing a thrill for everyone. For example, instead of thinking of dinner & a movie as separate things, check out a dine-in theater. The movie-going public has refined its tastes, and that includes fine dining & craft beer in-house while you watch a movie. What’s more, you can take a family movie outing from neat to out of this world because these theaters work well with families.

In the end, any family movie night must be mad ready to pull the plug if necessary. Remember the note on movie etiquette? Here’s why this matters. Sometimes, even if come up with ground rules for theater behavior, things can turn on a dime. You don’t want to spoil everyone’s fun, so know when it’s time to head out. Don’t sweat it, though - you’re not the first to do this!