With hundreds of web hosting companies, how do you weed through the good and the bad to find the best cheap web hosting ? The last thing you want to is get your brand new website up and running only to find your site is constantly down or running slow because you went with the wrong provider that promised you top notch service.

The first thing to know is that with cheap web hosting you really do get what you pay for. There are several options for free web hosting, which is great for personal sites that do not require much functionality. If you need more flexibility, control and you intend to increase the amount of traffic you receive over time, you will need to pay for a web hosting provider.

The web hosting business is a pretty crowded market, which means you can get really great cheap webhosting. Because of the tremendous amount of competition, you can get a sizable hosting package that at really low rates. These hosting packages will come with lots of bells and whistles, and more space than you will actually need.

But look out for the rock bottom web hosting companies. If these providers are not turning a profit, you can’t expect them to pay employees to provide support and handle trouble tickets. The best thing to do is to go with a well known provider that will stand behind its name. You may pay an extra $1 a month for the reliability and superior service, but it that is a $1 that is well worth the expense.