How Beta Glucan Works

We know that beta glucan is a fiber type sugar. Now previous research has revealed that fiber can reduce both cholesterol and blood sugar. This supplement is more effective than the normal fiber supplements and can reduce both cholesterol and sugar by smaller intake of beta glucan.


Beta glucan fiber binds with the cholesterol and the bile acid. In small intestine it surrounds them and prevents them from getting reabsorbed and reach back to liver. Lack of bile acid means liver has to produce bile acid, for digesting fat, by taking cholesterol from the blood. Hence the cholesterol level is reduced and the extra bile is eliminated through waste material.


Beta glucan is a soluble fiber and it delays the digestion of dietary carbohydrates. Due to this delay the sugar in diet is absorbed progressively. This effect can have a possible sugar control benefit for diabetics.

Beta Glucan and White Blood Cells

Beta glucan also appear to irritate white blood cells. เบต้ากลูแคน constitute human body defense mechanism and fight against foreign cells, bacteria, cancer cells, dying cells etc.

The white blood cells or macrophages have to be activated in order to fight these infectious materials. Stimuli such as viruses, bacteria and other chemicals can be used to achieve activation but these stimuli are toxic. Where as immune system can be enhanced by the use of beta glucan which is non toxic and safe too.

Beta Glucan side effects

So far no problem has been found for the use of beta glucan however, before using any such supplements you must consult your physician.

Percentage Decrease in Cholesterol and Sugar

Beta glucan is expected to reduce almost 10-15 % of body cholesterol and blood sugar. This figure is quite less if compared with some medicines but it is a safe option. Medicine supplements might have other side effects too.

To optimize the affect of beta glucan you have to eat with your meal and not at some other time.